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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Finds at the Beach

puffer fish

Easton fishing


Monday was a great day for finding critters on the island inlet! It was soooo fun! My Dad, Easton, and my Uncle went fishing while I swam. Hanna found a big hemit crab ( the size of one you buy at the pet stores & beach stores) and she got stung by a jelly fish called a blue Portuguese Man-Of-War jellyfish laying on the sand. My Dad also caught a pufferfish! It was sooo cool, we got to see it puff up! Also, we caught a whole bucket of crabs and a Brittle Starfish!


Joni Kix said...

Great pictures, Katey!
I hope that Hanna is doing okay. MoW stings are very painful!
Very cool brittle-star. I don't see them with all their legs very often!

Mary said...

WOW!!! I have never found anything that interesting at the beach. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Hope you are keeping the critters safe! hahaha

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